It is located in the heart of the old town of Dubrovnik and connects the eastern and western city gates. It was created in the 11th century by burying a sea backwater, and in today's Baroque appearance dates back to the time after the great earthquake in 1667, when it was completely restored. According to the urban plan, the ground floors of the houses, located on Stradun, were intended for shops, and their characteristically rounded doors ‘on their knees’ were designed to make it easier to display goods in the most used spaces. The architectural solution of this most famous Dubrovnik street reflects the harmony of the entire old town.

Today, there are galleries on Stradun with paintings by famous Dubrovnik artists and souvenir shops. Stradun is 298 meters long and can be easily passed in ten minutes of easy walking, but for the people of Dubrovnik it is the longest street in the world, where everyone knows, greets, comments on daily events or observes the life of the city.

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