Marjan, a hill overlooking Split, with the highest peak of 178 meters, has always been the most impressive part of the picture of Split. It is seldom possible to experience such harmony of nature and urbanism; on the one hand a densely populated city in its full splendor, and on the other a peninsula of almost untouched nature. The Holy Hill, as it is often called, hides many monuments of sacral and profane architecture, paired with this green oasis in such a way that they create a feeling of admiration and awe for every passer-by, at least for a moment.

The fact that we climb Marjan directly from the beautiful and widely known Split waterfront, opens the possibility for visitors from anywhere in the world to experience the feeling of beauty of this park-forest, fresh air, but also stunning views of Split and the islands, with several unique lookouts. It offers walkers of all ages peace and tranquility, recreation and fun, along with natural and trim trails.

Marjan is part of the irreplaceable postcards of this city and a place from which you can experience Split in all its glory, and create and record completely atypical memories from a densely populated and tourist-populated city.

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