The town of Opuzen is situated in the middle of the Neretva valley along the left bank of the river, in a specific landscape amid canals and shoals of the delta. In Opuzen the river Neretva separates into two branches - Velika and Mala Neretva, with the plain being mostly ameliorated today. The town was named after a fort called Fort Opus, built by Venetians in 1684 on the ruins of an ancient tower Koš, the walls of which still adorn the old part of town. The town of Opuzen is divided into two smaller settlements, Opuzen, Buk – Vlaka and Pržinovac, spreading over 24,06 km2 . The 2011 census showed that Opuzen had 3254 inhabitants. This area is known for the cultivation of high quality fruits and vegetables, mainly mandarins. This is the centre of agriculture in the Neretva valley, with the population engaging mainly in agricultural activities. Opuzen Summer Festival includes many events, the most popular being the music festival “Melodije hrvatskog juga”, fish stew cooking competition „Neretvanska brudetijada“ and Opuzen Film Festival. The most prominent event is certainly the traditional boat marathon „Maraton lađa“ which goes through Opuzen and attracts more and more visitors every year. Accommodation in Opuzen can be found in many private houses for rent as well as camping ground. 

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